Every child has a right to access quality education which will increase their chances of having a good quality of life.

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The Beginning

It was July 2012 and we had just set up the structures for a new Trust. It was an intense but exciting process and we were ready to go out and change the world. After brainstorming on possible areas of need we could engage in, it was clear that public education was a sector with a myriad of challenges that needed focused and concerted efforts from stakeholders to remove barriers to quality learning. Millions of children from low income families are learning in unsafe, understaffed schools with low access to water, food, books, child-friendly infrastructure and learning amenities. We needed to engage directly with some of these schools and stakeholders to understand the magnitude of the problem. Our journey of discovery would take us to rural, remote, low-income areas where access to health, education and other essential services is very low.

Why You Can Trust us

  • 100% of donations received will be channelled to the Schools Program. No administrative costs will be paid for by donor funds
  • Transparency and accountability – we believe in openness and full disclosure on how each dollar is spent.
  • Constant engagement with donors and stakeholders by communicating regularly on project progress and impact.
  • We emphasize a collaborative and participatory approach to project implementation and work closely with schools and the local community to build a sense of ownership for sustainability. Hence a high Return on giving.
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Brighter Future

Are our children really learning? This question is on the minds of millions of parents, teachers and stakeholders in sub-Sahara Africa who are concerned about the quality of education in the region. According

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Real change

Sustainable impact is a key indicator of success in any of our projects. We value real, authentic change that is long-term, effective and relevant to our beneficiaries’ needs. We also strive to uplift

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Beyond academics

Susan is a quietly confident and focused thirteen year old with an ever present smile. She’s a grade 8 student at Ianzoni Primary School, a public school in Kola zone – a semi-arid,

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